The seas of the four directions—
all are born of one womb:
why, then, do the wind and waves rise in discord?

Pacifist poem by the Meiji Emperor

What is Next Japan Travel?

Next Japan Travel is an inbound travel agency and Destination Management Company (DMC) in Japan. We believe in providing tailor-made travel itineraries containing events and activities based on the requirements of our clients.

Based in Kyoto, our strength is first and foremost our broad network in this ancient capital of Japan, but we are more than capable of covering other cities and the country as a whole.

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Eastern ethics, Western technical learning.

Sakuma Shōzan


We do simple business of destination management, but we want to do it exceptionally well. For us to do it, we all need and love to be hardworking.

People in Center

It is always the people who make it happen, so we listen to what customers and business partners have say, we cooperate with suppliers, and we always take care of the personal development of our fellow employees.

Dare to Dream

Though still a young company, we believe that our business will flourish and one day inflict a positive and meaningful impact in our society. As long as we are honest to our customers and deliver service beyond their expectation, our dream might become reality.